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(no subject)

Dec. 5th, 2010 | 04:33 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: Train - Hey Soul Sister

 My hero. ♥

*feels bad for neglecting her journal all the time*

(no subject)

Nov. 25th, 2010 | 03:58 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy
music: Super Junior M - Super Girl

Hahaha, Donghae's famous quote :D Btw, is it strange that I watched this like...30 times just to hear his "shuper man" XDD?

And this made me rewatch the Super Girl MV of course, and even though I don't really like the song (I don't hate it, naturally, but they have better songs XD)...well, the MV is simply hot *Q*!!
Hankyung's geek style is just hilarious :D And Donghae kills me...he looks gorgeous with those clothes and his sun glasses...well, he also does without them.
I meant the sun glasses, but imagining Donghae without clothes gives me a nosebleed x_X

(no subject)

Nov. 24th, 2010 | 06:56 pm
mood: worried worried

I'm currently watching the news about the situation in South Korea...this is so depressing. Two more people died, this time civilians...
I am so worried about everyone...
And I feel bad because I always ignored it until now...I mean I always knew that the situation was kind of "tense" and it was only a matter of time until North Korea would strike, but it seemed so surreal and far away. Now that it actually happened...I don't know, it's just so frustrating. I'm so sorry for the victims' families and also their friends. 

(no subject)

Nov. 24th, 2010 | 06:37 pm
mood: relaxed relaxed

Waah, I've been neglecting my journal again! And school is to blame for it - as always...
I mean, srsly, it's not that I have a lot of lessons every day, but when I have I'm too tired or busy with homework to post something and when I don't...well, then I'm too tired as well and happy to relax :D! Argh, whatever. I'll just have to live with it for the next 2 and a half years and then it will be over - hopefully ;)

Soo...this post is dedicated to my best friend who kindly reminded me that I didn't update my journal for a long time, telling me that it's impossible to stalk me if I don't post anything :D
You know what? You're creepy!! But I still love you :3 (or maybe just because of that? :D)
And this time I also have some eyecandy for you...you know, so that stalking my journal is worth it :P (as if all the K-Pop hotties weren't already more than enough...)

His smile is so cuuute <3 (and scary, at times...reminds me of someone....:D)
Oh and just to include some gayness.

I just found these totally adorable EunHae pics...I'll never get tired of saying that they will kill me some day. For sure. My cousin just said that they totally look like...groom and groom :D! And she's so right - well, like always ;D
I mean they are so cute together, they're simply made for each other and nobody's ever gonna make me think differently. Never ever. <3

The last one is so lovely! How can their smiles be so beautiful? *melts*

And new U-Kiss couple pics - to celebrate Kevin's birthday (I'm a bit late, though, in Korea it isn't his birthday anymore but well...it's never to late for U-Kiss gayness :D!)...SooVin <3

Weeee :D! And the best always comes last - this JongKey picture is epic. 
I don't have anything to say...just...look. And then try to say again that Jonghyun doesn't love Key. Ha.

(no subject)

Nov. 17th, 2010 | 05:43 pm
mood: disappointed disappointed

Meeh...Big Bang's comeback was pushed back to December or January...T-T I guess the guys are still busy with recording the new songs or preparing for the YG concert...*sigh*

(no subject)

Nov. 17th, 2010 | 05:35 pm
mood: tired tired

 Uhm...I just wanted to share some K-Pop news (no particular reason, really :D)...^^

SO! A new idol group is going to debut soon and one of the members is said to be Jaejoong's look-a-like...here's a photo ;)


credit to dkpopnews (:

The first picture really looks like Jae, doesn't it? The guy (I think he's called Kim Byungho) is pretty indeed - well, what else to expect from a Jaejoong look-a-like. But Byungho looks more feminine and gay, I think...

Hahaha and this one is reeeally...strange :D The video is somehow scaring me :O! And isn't it a bit early for Christmas?


(no subject)

Nov. 14th, 2010 | 02:31 pm
music: Super Junior - U

I just found this on lj and...this is so beautiful. I am still crying.

The one that will laugh until he fell is called Lee Hyukjae,
The one that will cry until he has no more image left is called Lee Hyukjae,
The one that sees dancing as his life is called Lee Hyukjae,
The one that will give it his all for his friends is called Lee Hyukjae,
The one with a child-like soul is called Lee Hyukjae.

The Lee Hyukjae that is always smiling actually feels insecure,
So he made a promise with us to only say it once,
The Lee Hyukjae that always cries is actually very strong,
So we never heard of the hardtimes during trainee period from him,
The Lee Hyukjae that is always hyper is actually afraid of being alone,
So he always does his best to treasure everyone around him,
The Lee Hyukjae that is very silly has a very delicate heart,
So he always felt that he didn’t give enough to his members,
The Lee Hyukjae that will cry when he is happy,
What that Lee Hyukjae wants is actually very simple,
A stage, fans and friends and he can be satisfied.

Lee Hyukjae has a simple growth,
One Junsu, One Donghae, One Sungmin and one SJ is enough to say it all,
Lee Hyukjae’s brain(thinking) is very simple,
Happiness and Blissed is enough to fill it all up,
Lee Hyukjae’s heart is very simple,
There is only Forgive, Forget and Endure.

Everything about Lee Hyukjae is very simple,
but is enough to let us remember it with our everything,
But we not know what pain is hidden behind that simple story,
How can it not be tiring that dark entertainment biz,
Our Lee Hyukjae only showed us the very best,
Lee Hyukjae, you are very strong actually, right?
Or else how did you managed to endure 6 years of trainee period?
Our Lee Hyukjae, actually you are very fragile/delicate,
Or else why is that part of your heart so easily being touched?

That Lee Hyukjae is always touching us with his unique style,
That Lee Hyukjae just have that ability to let us smile and cry,
Looking at that dorkish you,
Thinking whether you are truely happy,
Looking at that you with the silliest smile ever,
Is there any trace of tears that you wept secretly without letting us know,
Looking at the serious you,
Thinking if you are actually having a hard time,
Looking at the you that is always being tricked,
Thinking if that pure soul of yours has ever been hurt,
Thinking, and thinking… Just smiling like that,
My mouth is saying “stupid boy”, but my tears just keep flowing.

So Lee Hyukjae,

If you are not happy, can you tell us?
If you are tired, can you rest for a while?
If you have been hurt, can you blow a temper too?

As compared to someone who wants to see you smile,
We are more than willing to be that someone who can cry with you and comfort you,

Never ever forget Lee Hyukjae, just like we will never forget ourselves,

Royal Highness (Chinese ELFs nickname of him)?

The cuteness of a Monkey, shining like a Jewel with the air of a Royalty, that’s why we all love you.
And throwing away the shine of a star,
What we treasure the most is the pureness in Lee Hyukjae,
The silly smile on screen,
The craziest idea on reality,
And even these un-noticeable personality in him makes us want to know him more,
From trainee Lee Hyukjae until the shining Lee Hyukjae on stage,
No one will ever doubt what difficulties he ever faced,

While everyone is changing to suit and accomodate the entertainment world,
He is still using the silly way of Lee Hyukjae to walk his own way,
Can imagine how difficult the process is.
But he never gave up,
Because this is Lee Hyukjae, ain’t it?

Can cry because of his members,
And never ever thought that maybe he can be more selfish,
Even if this is the case,
There are still people that say,
“Lee Hyukjae you should be more close with Lee Donghae”,
“Lee Hyukjae you should treat Sungmin better”,
“Lee Hyukjae how could you replace Junsu in your heart?”,

Really want to tell you that if you are selfish and think of youself just for once,
We will not blame you,
If you have to forget the pain, forgive and finds it hard one day,
We will be with you,
Our heart hurts because of your silly-ness, your stupid-ness and the stubbornness in your heart.

You treasure Kim Junsu, your childhood friend,
You treasure Lee Sungmin, the one who grew with you,
You treasure Lee Donghae, the one who was with you through thick and thin,
You treasure the members with you always,
But you forget to treasure Lee Hyukjae.

The one who gave up 3 chances of debut because of Kim Junsu,
The one who doesn’t like Seafood but bought Seafood for Lee Donghae,
The one who is stingy but promised to buy expensive gift for Lee Donghae,
The one that doesnt manage your cyworld but told Lee Donghae that you will always be there when he needed you the most,
The silly boy that always give Lee Donghae all the sense of securities in the world,
The one that took the public bus just to send Lee Sungmin home
The one that stayed up all night just to write a birthday song for leader Teuk,
The one that worries so much for Kangin but couldn’t say a thing,
The one that always doesnt’ care about his image in SJ shows,
The one that cry for members, cry for success, but never cry for himself,

Actually, Kim Junsu has Kim Jaejoong, you need not worry about him,
Actually, Lee Sungmin has Kim Youngwoon, he can protect him,
Actually Lee Donghae has Kim Heechul, he will take care of him,
Please love and take care of yourself more.

Everyone uses the word “Silly”, “Dorkish” and “Cry-baby” on you,
But those who knows you well will say,
“Lee Hyukjae isnt silly, he is using his eyes to see the pretty world fully”,
“Lee Hyukjae isnt dorkish, he is using the simplier way to treat everything”,
“Lee Hyukjae is no crybaby, he is just so innocent that he doesn’t know how to protect himself”.

Please remember these people are always behind you:
Teuk Omma, the one that always brings you along no matter where,
Heechul, the one that still won’t led you astray,
Hangeng, the one who can’t really speak (korean) well but says he loves you,
Yesung, the one that always complain that you dont visit him,
Kangin, the one that always bully you but treats you the best,
Shindong, the one that says he is the closest with you on screen,
Sungmin, the one that always stands besides you,
Donghae, the one that life isn’t complete without you,
Siwon, the one that always catches your tears or you,
Ryeowook, the one that always worries you can’t eat well and cry,
Kibum, the one that gently blow your eyes for you,
Kyuhyun, the one that shouts for you to come back,
ELFs, the one that is ALWAYS supporting you forever,
Eunhyuk’s fans, the one that wants to cry and smile with you always.

Don’t always give all the happiness to us,
We wants to wipe your tears for you too.
Lord’s child Lee Hyukjae — Wish that you will be happy forever.

Credit: LH97 @ Eunhyuk’s baidu
Translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Reup/Shared: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with all the credits and do not add your own

(no subject)

Nov. 14th, 2010 | 02:15 pm
mood: enthralled
music: Super Junior - Don't Don

I suppose I'm dreaming, because what I just read is too beautiful to be true and it was more than my fangirl mind could take. Too much way way way too obvious love at once. Junsu practically confessed to Yoochun on twitter. I mean, I know that in Korea, it's not that unusual for men to say such things to each other and even if he said "I love you", I'd know that that wouldn't necessarily mean that they will come out or something :D
So I'm probably overreacting again. But who the hell cares.

0101xiahtic: Just now.. I saw all of Sungkyunkwan Scandal's episode 15 till the end that I wasn't able to watch all those time..How many times did I cry and laugh inside the plan going to Las Vegas... though the timing isn't all of a sudden...I'm a Seong-Seu(SKK Scandal) fan.Lee Seon Joon fan.While watching the drama, w/sleeping Yoochun beside me,has it only been about 7years...?
6002theMicky: @0101xiahtic | Ya!! I'm Junsu's fan!!^^ I want to have a strand of your hair!!! Junsu-ya!! Prepare slowly!!!

(I tried so hard not to think perverted things at the "prepare slowly" thing. I failed. Naturally.)

0101xiahtic: Anyway, maybe I think it's the feeling of amazement after seeing a star for a very long time.. after seeing the drama and looking at Yoochun's face once.. uhmmm.. I must be crazy!! The Geum Deung Ji Sa is mine~

6002theMicky@0101xiahtic | Reservation's done!!! Now you have to prepare!!

0101xiahtic: Yoochun-a, with my feelings right now I think I can remove all my hair and give you as much as you want... ㅋ Jaejoong-i hyung do you want too.?ㅋAnyway, we're gonna gather at Yoochun's room now go go go go~! Let's go to find the Geum Deung Ji Sa


(no subject)

Nov. 13th, 2010 | 12:21 am
mood: ecstatic ecstatic
music: Super Junior T - Rokkeugo

So I watched Super Show 2. Well, to be honest, I'm still watching. But I just have to write down a few things, even though it will probably come out short and somehow incoherent for those who haven't seen it but oh my god I love them. Yeah, I know, I said that like a million times already, yet it is so, so true and I just need to tell you over and over again. 
I'm so speechless.

The first disc was already AWESOME, with Donghae's or rather EunHae's solo, a fucking hot Don't Don performance (with that famous EunHae fight scene~), Ryeowook singing Insomnia - he was so obviously gay and the woman who suddenly appeared and danced with him was so hilarious :D - and so much more things I can't remember now.

I was screaming, squealing, crying - and laughing soo hard. I guess most people wouldn't even understand this, as they're not German, and probably even if they are, they won't think it's funny but I laughed my ass off and so did my cousin :D
You know, in German the words for "roast" and "comfort somebody" are very similar, in fact, there's only one different letter. So when I originally wanted to say that Eunhyuk comforts Sungmin, I said he roasted him instead and although I'm aware that it's not that funny - okay, actually not funny at all - I still laughed so hard that I cried. Imagining Sungmin as roast beef was just too much :D (though, I decided that he'd be the sexiest roast beef in the world xD)...okay enough of the silliness.

THE SECOND DISC. I'm not even finished yet but I already fell in love with it! I wonder why it's always the second disc :D?
The first song, Our Love, will most likely be my favorite - I doubt that anything can be better. There was soooo much (b)romance...I thought I was dreaming.
Kangin kissed Siwon, a few seconds later Eunhyuk kissed Sungmin - sadly only on the cheek :D - and then the best thing ever: Kangin kissed Leeteuk.
On the lips.
Okay, you can't see it properly, because a totally awesome idiot covers the scene with his arm, but hell I bet he did. It just looked like it. And yeah then they undressed Donghae which almost made me faint, touched his belly, Eunhyuk knelt down in front of him and generally everyone hugged everyone and I loved it. I truly did. 
Siwon's Who am I performance...I knew it was gonna be great. I knew it because I love the song, because I love Siwon. But it was better than anything I had expected. I can't even explain it.

I should go on watching now instead of fangirling here :D (so much for making this short. uhuh.)

(no subject)

Nov. 10th, 2010 | 04:58 pm
mood: bouncy bouncy

My DVDs arrived!! <3
Finally! But oh my god, it's so hard to resist watching them right away when I know that there might be so much fanservice and general gorgeousness that is just waiting for me...still, I have to wait until Friday, I just don't have enough time yet (school..-.-)...
And anticipation is the best joy, isn't it? :3

Sexy. Cute. Beautiful.